#Winepology: The Only Way I’ll Be Accepting Apologies From Now On

We all mess up sometimes.

Some more than others, but it happens. And when it happens, you rack your brain trying to think of a way to apologize and make things better. I usually accept an apology when it comes from the heart… and comes with a bottle of wine. Speaking of wine, I found these new wines that can help you make things better all in one swoop.


Windsor Vineyards teamed up with the super talented Cori George, owner, founder & designer of the Hey Let’s Make Stuff blog to create these hilarious wine labels that help make apologizing just a little bit easier. Dubbed the “Sorry Series”, these bottles of wine are perfect to use to apologize to boyfriends, girlfriends, roommates, coworkers, or really anyone you’ve ever offended.

There are 6 different labels you can chose from. You can go with the “My Baaaad” set (my personal favorite being “Sorry I was such an ass”) or you can get the “Wanna Taco Bout It?” set. You can buy the set for $49, which includes a Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and a Pinot Noir, OR you can mix and match. Prices vary based on the wine but these make a kick ass way to apologize. 

For the next few weeks you can save 15% on your own #winepology by using code WINEPOLOGY15!

Make sure to share your own apologies on social media using the hashtag #winepology. I can’t wait to see what you guys are apologizing for. I know I’ll be sending these around for being late, not taking out the trash, forgetting my roommates birthday… damn, maybe I should order a case.


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