Winerest: How Classy People Drink Outdoors

Come one, come all.

Come see the solution to all of our outdoor drinking problems!

You know when you’re being all outdoorsy (aka drinking wine on your patio) and you have your glass of wine and you want to set it down for a hot second, but there is nowhere to put it. The cup holders in normal folding chairs don’t hold a wine glass for shit. I’m not sure how many times I’ve put my glass of wine in those mesh little cup holders to have it flop over and spill. RIP WINE. 

Enter, Winerest.

Finally, friends, we have a solution. A genius in Australia came up with this magnificent idea to create product that you can attach onto your chair that will actually hold your wine glass. Like, it’s honestly as simple as attaching it to the arm of your chair, pouring yourself a glass of wine and sliding it in. Bingo Bongo. Even the drunkest of souls can keep their wine from spilling. The best part is, is that you can detach this from your chair and take it with you. In the photos below you can see I attached it to my chair at work (which is where we all really need the wine).

I honestly am curious why no one has thought of these before. I love to do things outside where drinking is involved. Whether that means going camping, going to sporting events or just sitting around the fire, it’s nice to not have to hold onto my glass nonstop.

Winerest comes in 6 different colors (they also do customizations… um hai Chel Loves Wine Winerest) and works for more than just wine glasses. It will hold your champagne flute, your martini glass, literally any glass that has a stem. It works for boozers of all kinds! No discrimination here.

You can get your own Winerest here and use code CHELWINE16 for 10% off. 

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  1. So cool! I never have a place to put my glass during parties or if I’m drinking outdoors. This is so cute and portable. I could just bring it in my purse. Perfect!